You Mean The Demons?

Cry Laugh Emoji
Cry Laugh Emoji
You Mean The Demons?

This one’s kind of a downer folks: we talk about a racist pizza purveyor (and how everything will almost certainly work out for him in the end), a movie all about a guy trying to kill himself, read some choice sad short stories from Reddit, and Elsagate, one of the most disturbing things happening on the web right now, a rash of Youtube videos targeted at very young children seemingly written by algorithms, ranging from the slightly unnerving to the violent.

But! We also have a pleasant conversation about video games, and the sad stories really aren’t really all that sad. There’s even a mini-play in here, featuring some excellent voice acting work from the boys. So it’s not all as bad as it seems!

Here’s the article we discuss about the Youtube videos: A number of the specific videos embedded in the article have since been taken down, probably in large part due to the popularity of the article, but plenty of similar content remains.

One thought on “You Mean The Demons?”

  1. I’m cry/laughing at poorly written suicidey stories (but not suicide), little…smurf…hands, and pretending I’m hanging out with my pals Mark and Simmons. Also, I think the Alphabet Co. doesn’t do much about bot videos because the Google portion of them sells the meta data to advertiser/marketing companies who program these algorithms/bots to generate more click revenue via YouTube. So, they’re really complicit in this process because of this self-sustained money machine. And, it’s sad-scary-funny that machines running programs (AI) haven’t even gained consciousness yet (although sentient), and humans are already acting out what the program generates, like little monkey slaves. Good little crunchy fleshy monkey slaves! I envision a laugh/cry apocalypse where the the AI-machine complex has wiped out the entire human race, and it’s primarily concerned with making money (insert wink emoji). Thanks again guys!!!

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