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The wifi password is: SherryThatCrazyHoe

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Great-great-great-great-grandpappy Simmons once said “If you really love your friends, don’t make them be on your podcast.” And, to go completely against that, welcome to another podcast episode! For Tell Me About It: we talk about the movie Annihilation. The Rankboys (of 0-10, not smell) bring it out with beverages for a very general top 3. Also, Mark gives a quick review of a relaxing beverage called “Sippin’ Syrup”. (5 flavors available for relaxation here: This is a very liquid-heavy episode.

It’s a big hit with us, so you’re forced to listen to it until we stop! That’s right Dr. Mark and Simmons have plenty of great questions from Yahoo! Answers. We begin answering the questions in this one, so help us god.


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