The Final Fuccbois

Cry Laugh Emoji
The Final Fuccbois

Welcome back to another episode (THE BIG 4-0), folks! We go over a couple new ideas: Dr. Simmons: The Therapist, the year of Cry Laugh Emoji (and a possible podcast of the year award), and DOCTOR malone: The Therapist. our segment Tell Me About It we review the movie “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (1974), and how it is very dissimilar to the title. In this segment we also mention our friend podcast, The Final Boys, but forgot the name of it. So check those boys out! We go over what may or may not be our last What’s in the News? segment. Remember this was recorded January 8th! There is also a little talk of lizard people, because we just couldn’t avoid it. Here we also debut our new segment Yahoo…Answers something or other.

Here’s a couple Yahoo Answers questions to get you going:

Is Joe Burden a homosexual?

My female ferret keeps freaking out and jumping around all over the place, licking her privates constantly. What’s wrong?

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