Pet ‘Em If You Got ‘Em!

Cry Laugh Emoji
Pet 'Em If You Got 'Em!

We of course would be talking about no other animal than the domestic cat, seeing as how it is the preferred domesticated animal  and I’m certain no one would disagree. Joined by our music man Tony Camponovo, in this episode we get yet another chance to reflect on the outstanding career of famous baseball player Garth Brooks. However, a few of you may recognize him from his venture into music as his alias Chris Gaines. We also take turns sharing some of our first concerts and some of our favorite music.  Have you ever thought about doing a weed? Well you’ll think again when you hear real accounts from real people about how smonking a doink will actually plague its victim with visions of death! But then again, maybe thats okay every once in a blue moon.. Has anyone here had a paranormal experience with a poltergeist? Did you ever consider that it could actually just be the ghost of a monkey, doing monkey things? Dive deep with us when we discuss life after death, philosophy and….tarot? Of course no Cry Laugh Emoji cast would be complete without your daily dose of politics and other non-comedic topics. Good  morrow loyal subjects!

Garth Brooks remix:

Sega Genesis Mix:

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