Chartreuse Review

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Chartreuse Review

We’re having a raunchy picnic to start in this episode, with a dessert of learning about our colors. We also finally learn about something new that’s changed in Simmons’ life. This week for Tell Me About It, we talk about the album Government Plates by Death Grips. Stay tuned next week for Simmon’s review of Blue Jam by Chris Morris. There are also a couple ads we’ve listed below: A PSA about rambling, Donkey Kong Church, and the ET Phone Home Phone. There’s a little bit of gaming on the mind this episode, and we’ve been tinkering with the idea of a gaming segment for the future. To wrap it all up we get some Yahoo answers in, and bask in the sun-soaked replies of the every-man.

As always, thank you everybody who listens! We joke about it often, but we really do appreciate your support.

Ads featured in the episode

PSA about rambling

Donkey Kong Church

E.T. Phone Home Phone

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