Candy Coins in the Chocolate Kingdom

Cry Laugh Emoji
Cry Laugh Emoji
Candy Coins in the Chocolate Kingdom

We’re back! And now with more Squirt sponsors. Simmons reviews the Youtube series You Suck at Photoshop for the Tell Me About It segment. He rightfully gave it 3 laughs out of 7 cries. We cover our top 3 sitcoms, and after much thinking, we’ve both concluded on at least Cheers being up there. Take a listen, there’s plenty more in this reasonably lengthed episode.

This is a picture of Simmons’s cat Sludge.

Finally we do our Yahoo Answers section. Here’s a couple questions:

What does black swan taste like?

What can you smell from 10 miles away?

This is a picture of the guy who was curious if he was ugly or not in our Yahoo answers segment. What do you think?

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