British Teens React to Garfield and Friends

Cry Laugh Emoji
Cry Laugh Emoji
British Teens React to Garfield and Friends

The Cry Laugh Emoji Podcast welcomes you to 2019! We’ve got a healthy hour and a half of gags, goofs, reviews and Yahoo! Answers for your listening pleasure.

This week on our review segment Tell Me About It, we cover the Marblelympics 2018. Quickly it became one of our favorites. You can definitely expect some coverage of the Marblelympics 2019.

Before topping it all of with some great Yahoo! Answers questions like “Do gamers deserve the death penalty?”, we’ve also got a few ads for you:

Courage Cologne

Wells Fargo

Stay tuned next time as Simmons is giving his impression of the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

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