Mark’s Netflix Special: Crisp Apple Crisp

In this episode Mark finally reveals his second Netflix special, which is mostly hilarious apple jokes. Simmons dives deep into the political minute, and also brings an article we talk about. That’s right, buy some children blood for your body for only $8,000! All that and more in this week’s Cry Laugh Emoji Podcast.

Hamburger Pussy

We’re back with another instant classic! We delve right into the hard hitting issues: Dr. Who, bathroom etiquette, Big Dental Tool, and Mark’s favorite letters. We also spend a bit of time ripping into an awful article about our very namesake, which you can read for yourself here. And is that a very special teaser at the end of the episode?

Christmas Spectacular

and so I said to the guy, “I don’t know what kind of 5 star restaurant you’re expecting up here, but they’re serving it on a goddamn plane!”

In this Christmas Spectacular we recorded with our friends Jared, Rachel and Tony (our intro music creator). We chit and chat about whatever comes to mind. Specifically vegas, the 3ds, even had a couple sponsors this ep. Goofy stuff.