10% Human Flesh

Much like the Legolas Fan Club official forums, the boys are discussing Archer in this one. Specifically, the most recent season that takes place almost entirely in the coma dream of the title character. Plus, we create a brand new repeat segment by accident because we didn’t realize we had already done it before until like halfway through doing it again. And Ryan plays a game of Would You Rather that’s NOT for the faint of heart. Ummm, hell, I’d rather not??

Globetrotting like Curly

Another riveting episode of tall jokes, Simmons acting out a Calvin and Hobbes skit, Simmons trashing on the band Instant Death, vacations, beer, museums, and just a bunch of nonsense. Archer season 8 is in the review works for next week, and there’s plenty of other dumb stuff we are so used to talking about. Enjoy!

Thinking About Thinking

The bad boys of ‘castin’ are back at it again! On today’s episode we discuss Bill Burr’s animated show “F Is For Family” and play a rousing round of Introvert Bingo! We also talk about the app that really puts the “app” in application, those fine folks at Uber! Do things get a bit “adorkable”, perhaps? No.

Check out introvert bingo here.