The Bible, Part 2: The Bibleing

Well folks, it’s podcast time yet again as your favorite boys are back to discuss Quentin Tarantino, which professional sports they would play, and which official Cry Laugh Emoji cats are about to have body parts surgically removed. All that….and more??!?! That’s right, the boys also discuss a weird internet phenomenon where fans of creative works decide upon traits to retroactively place upon characters of that work, which is maybe fine because we also discuss a prominent author who did that to her own work a few times and that’s probably weirder in the end. Plus, Ryan breaks down the MLB playoffs, which had yet to begin at this time. Let’s go Red Sox!!

Live from Texas– Howdy Ya’ll!

In this episode Simmon’s and Mark are live together in Mark’s new hometown of Austin, TX! They get into all sorts of shenanigans in this reunion episode including a review of the cult classic movie ‘The Bucket List’, professional commentary on the “toy” fidget spinners, a first tasting of a Yoohoo ever, the last tasting of soured pickle balls ever, and much much more.

Sweet Tart & Sour Skittle

We’re back with another classic ep as we take a look at Trust and Betrayal, an anime that tells the tale of a Japanese assassin named Kenshin. And that’s not the only bloodthirsty Asian murderer featured here, as we also discuss North Korea in our very first Foreign Policy Segment®!! Other topics of discussion inculde Haley Joel Osteen, round candies, Mark’s impending death, Ryan’s new dating profile pic, and some twisted as h*ck Cards Against Humanity answers. Plus, we throw in some great ads for good measure. What’s not to love?

Three Guys Walk Into A Bar…

Cry Laugh Emoji is BACK with an episode that we recorded like a month ago. Remember Charlottesville? This was like right after that so we talk about that and a bunch of other depressing news that happened around that time. We also wade into the cesspool that is and review the Migos mixtape Y.R.N. (Young Rich Niggas). Let this episode take you to the promised….LAN?!?!?!

10% Human Flesh

Much like the Legolas Fan Club official forums, the boys are discussing Archer in this one. Specifically, the most recent season that takes place almost entirely in the coma dream of the title character. Plus, we create a brand new repeat segment by accident because we didn’t realize we had already done it before until like halfway through doing it again. And Ryan plays a game of Would You Rather that’s NOT for the faint of heart. Ummm, hell, I’d rather not??

Thinking About Thinking

The bad boys of ‘castin’ are back at it again! On today’s episode we discuss Bill Burr’s animated show “F Is For Family” and play a rousing round of Introvert Bingo! We also talk about the app that really puts the “app” in application, those fine folks at Uber! Do things get a bit “adorkable”, perhaps? No.

Check out introvert bingo here.