Mike check!

Welcome back Crybabies! Ryan and I have tried many times to record with our college bestie Mike Pass. We finally got an episode that withstood the trials of luck and technical ineptitude. We do a spOoOoOoOoky Halloween/Witch Tell Me About it review in this episode: Mary and the Witches Flower, and a smaller side-review of Little Witch Academia. We’ve got some great ads, and a few not-so-great Yahoo Answers, but hop aboard as we travel down a Christmas-laced episode of Santa’s favorite podcast: CryLaughEmoji!


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Silly Steve’s Store: Train Man

Stay tuned for next week’s review: The 2018 Marblelympics 

Computrella, My Heart Goes Out To Thee!

Not gonna lie, this one’s kind of low-energy, folks. But we do have some good conversations about fast food, Alvin & The Chipmunks, and bitcorns. Plus, Mark shares his delicious peach pie recipe! Mmm, mmm. Kind of a food & drink heavy episode now that I think about it. We also discuss the 1982 movie The Thing and go over some real bummer Yahoo! Answers. Turns out it’s getting pretty bleak out there online these days. Luckily, you know just how to combat that, dear listener – by listening to the most uplifting podcast in the game! (Ours.)

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Peanut Butter Jar

Well, well, well, look what we have here – another instant classic podcast episode. This time, our friend Kyle Meltzer joins us and we kick things off by discussing our recent trip to Hawaii and how we almost got seriously injured there. Then we move on to Mark’s review of the indie RPG “Donut County”, which you might have recognized from our Twitch stream if any of you charlatans had bothered to tune in. Then, Kyle lets us in on his plans for his Halloween costume this year, as well as his greatest hits from years past. Finally, the boys dive in to some extra-dirty Yahoo Answers – we’re talkin’ wee-wees and anuses, people.

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Pet ‘Em If You Got ‘Em!

We of course would be talking about no other animal than the domestic cat, seeing as how it is the preferred domesticated animal  and I’m certain no one would disagree. Joined by our music man Tony Camponovo, in this episode we get yet another chance to reflect on the outstanding career of famous baseball player Garth Brooks. However, a few of you may recognize him from his venture into music as his alias Chris Gaines. We also take turns sharing some of our first concerts and some of our favorite music.  Have you ever thought about doing a weed? Well you’ll think again when you hear real accounts from real people about how smonking a doink will actually plague its victim with visions of death! But then again, maybe thats okay every once in a blue moon.. Has anyone here had a paranormal experience with a poltergeist? Did you ever consider that it could actually just be the ghost of a monkey, doing monkey things? Dive deep with us when we discuss life after death, philosophy and….tarot? Of course no Cry Laugh Emoji cast would be complete without your daily dose of politics and other non-comedic topics. Good  morrow loyal subjects!

Garth Brooks remix: https://digitaldigitaldigital4ever.bandcamp.com/track/dynamo-rider

Sega Genesis Mix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFwnpwh_8ic&t=1491s

Gucci Gang

After a short hiatus, the Cry Laugh boys are back! This is a special episode, with 4 pre-made ads (links below). The boys are finally getting paid for their hard work on this fresh copy.  The Tell Me About It for this week is the movie “Tank Girl” and there are plenty of great Yahoo questions like, “How to be a better fish ?”, and how to raise a Poliwag effectively. Check it out!

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Farts PSA



Word To Your Mother(‘s Day)

   America’s beloved funny-boys finally make their return with the long-awaited-although-belated Mother’s Day special! The boys discuss their favorite fictional moms from television and give their advice on which cheese varieties would also make for the best baby names. A mother’s favorite sophisticated beverage, Canada Dry makes their Cry Laugh debut as our featured sponsor this time around. Of course every mother knows that no episode is complete without a heapin’ serving of those Yahoo!Answers, so make sure to tune in and get your healthy dose!

The wifi password is: SherryThatCrazyHoe

Now with more New Logo™!

Great-great-great-great-grandpappy Simmons once said “If you really love your friends, don’t make them be on your podcast.” And, to go completely against that, welcome to another podcast episode! For Tell Me About It: we talk about the movie Annihilation. The Rankboys (of 0-10, not smell) bring it out with beverages for a very general top 3. Also, Mark gives a quick review of a relaxing beverage called “Sippin’ Syrup”. (5 flavors available for relaxation here: http://www.sippinsyrup.com/) This is a very liquid-heavy episode.

It’s a big hit with us, so you’re forced to listen to it until we stop! That’s right Dr. Mark and Simmons have plenty of great questions from Yahoo! Answers. We begin answering the questions in this one, so help us god.


Epic Viral Clapback

The Simon & Garfunkel of podcasting are back at it again with their brand new folk ballad (but it’s a podcast)!!! The boys discuss Mr. Haribo, new hats, listening to music via algorithm, fast food burger joints, social media, energy drinks, the feather of poetry, and Mr. X. I (Ryan) seem really fucking out of it for the first third or so of this one, and I’m coughing a bunch so maybe I was sick? But I don’t remember being sick! It’s a mystery!! And you, dear listener, are the detective.

We reference a dog pic in this episode, here’s the pic. Sorry.

Candy Coins in the Chocolate Kingdom

We’re back! And now with more Squirt sponsors. Simmons reviews the Youtube series You Suck at Photoshop for the Tell Me About It segment. He rightfully gave it 3 laughs out of 7 cries. We cover our top 3 sitcoms, and after much thinking, we’ve both concluded on at least Cheers being up there. Take a listen, there’s plenty more in this reasonably lengthed episode.

This is a picture of Simmons’s cat Sludge.

Finally we do our Yahoo Answers section. Here’s a couple questions:

What does black swan taste like?

What can you smell from 10 miles away?

This is a picture of the guy who was curious if he was ugly or not in our Yahoo answers segment. What do you think?

Why, a girly history, a genre

Good afternoon, folks! It is Thursday and them boys are getting back in sync with their regular podcast schedule. What does this mean to you?! A new episode! We’re talking cat-traps, another installment in our Cheers series, plus Mark reviews the comic Achewood for Tell Me About It.

A couple hot button items from our Yahoo Answers section: Going to prom with your brother or sister, not crying when your dad dies, why don’t potatoes grow on trees, what’s your top 3 favorite candies? How do you deal with an untrained doberman puppy from a sketchy craigslist post?

This is a record-breaker, coming in at almost 2 hours!! (We are actually working to get our time back to around one hour, sorry about that)